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Airline Career

Professional Pilot Pathway – Part 141   First Step: Private Pilot Prerequisites: Be at least 17 years of age Read, speak, write and understand English Be a US citizen If not a US citizen, have TSA clearance Hold at least a third-class medical certificate Hold a student pilot certificate Completion Requirements: Log 35 hours of ground and 35 hours o …

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Helicopter Pilots

Rotor-Wing Professional Pilot Career Pathway – Part 141 Most pilots who get their helicopter certificates are looking for exciting new career opportunities . The basic pathway for helicopter pilots is to start with a private pilot helicopter certificate, then move on to the commercial certificate, follow it up with a flight instructor rating , i …

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Drone Pilots

UAS Professional Drone Pilots First-Time Pilots Eligibility To become a pilot you must: Be at least 16 years old Be able to read, speak, write, and understand English Be in a physical and mental condition to safely fly a drone Pass the initial aeronautical knowledge exam Requirements for Remote Pilot Certificate: Must be easily accessible by the remote pilo …

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