January 8, 2016| 4

Career Pilot: It Takes a Pilot’s License, Desire and Attitude

Choosing a career as a pilot requires dedication and patience but provides immense self-satisfaction, pride in accomplishment and professional respect. Vern Weiss Before I finally became a career pilot by landing a job at an airline I had nearly worn my fingers into bloody nubs filling out job applications. With naiveté, I believed I was one of only …

December 8, 2015| 1

What to Expect for a Starting Commercial Airline Pilot Salary

Jennifer Payne Pilots have been underpaid, leading to overworked and fatigued pilots, which creates a shortage of qualified applicants . Has aviation finally learned that low wages are hurting the industry?  It first needs to be clarified that this is the starting commercial airline pilot salary for all pilots. At the beginning of every pilot’s caree …

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