“The accomplishment of knowing you have what it takes to be a rated pilot, nothing beats that. It’s hard work, everyone thinks it’s just flying but there is a lot of studying to it but if you want to do it and you’re committed it is a great opportunity and Upper Limit is the way to go.”

Thomas John (Helicopter Tour Pilot)


"I looked at twelve or more flight schools before I choose ULA. I really wanted to make sure I picked a great flight school. One that would take care of my needs – having an impeccable job placement rate to set me up for success. So, I chose Upper Limit Aviation and I haven’t looked back.”
“For student pilots it’s non-stop studying, and our students group up to study together, and have fun doing it… It’s a family atmosphere at ULA."

Jeff Vogel (Flight Instructor)

  "I really enjoyed all of the instructors I worked with at ULA. In addition, ULA was extremely helpful when I was looking to move to Salt Lake City when I first got out of the Marine Corps.”

Caleb Mason (Agricultural Pilot)

Upper Limit is a great school that takes care of their students as well as the community they live in. They are always going the extra mile on their own dime to help the community. They provide excellent training in some difficult environments. They try hard to provide the best training to help give the students the most opportunities in the industry.

Spencer Edmunds

  I'm a current student at upper limit aviation, I'm thoroughly enjoying my experience getting my pilot's license with this company, the staff are all very professional, thorough and consistently on point. The aircraft maintenance record is always in check and I feel very safe using they're plane and flying with my instructor Alex. I highly recommend anyone who's looking at getting their aviation license to do it with these guys and gals in my opinion they are superior.

Rob M.

  I've have been with this flight school now for about a year and a half. I couldn't have asked for a better experience. The staff are amazing and they keep their machines very well maintained. Anyone considering this school should definitely come take a tour!

Chelsea Tugaw

  I brought my daughter here for her PPL after she took the ground portion in highschool. From the start the staff was amazing. Lois the owner took time on a few occasions to speak with me directly to resolve any concerns I had.  Her flight instructor Tyson was the best I could have asked for, friendly, skilled and knowledgeable. He took the time to speak with me directly along with everything else he did for my daughter.  Great school, you can't wrong investing time and money here.

J. Ode

“Upper Limit Aviation is ‘the place’ if you’re looking for a home-away-from-home. ULA has been like a family since I got here; they treat me like a sister – they really do. It’s nice to have a place where you work that you feel happy to go to each morning, and that’s the key – to be happy when you go to work.”
“ULA is specifically designed to help pilots get good jobs after flight school. It’s either do the training right and get a job, or do it cheaply and do not get a job. It’s that simple. At ULA, they do it right!"
“The quality of Flight Instructors and Mechanics in the Maintenance Department is exceptional. They personify professionalism. When it comes to safe flight instruction, maintenance is extremely important, and our mechanics ROCK!”
“If you’re hungry and you have a passion for flying, you need to do it when you can. Flight school needs to be there for you, and Upper Limit Aviation has been.”

Jodi Brommer ~Commercial Helicopter Pilot
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