May 5, 2016| 2

How Aircraft Deicing Equipment Works

John Peltier Aircraft have sure come a long way when it comes to all-weather capability! One of the biggest advances is how we can deal with ice that can potentially form, or has formed, on the aircraft with aircraft deicing equipment . There are two types of systems with drastically different purposes to keep you safe . Anti-ice is used before flying …

April 5, 2016| 864

How Not To Impress a Friend With Carburetor Icing

Shawn Arena Welcome back for another installment of one of my ‘lessons learned’ stories from my personal flying experiences over the years. This particular story, about carburetor icing, could have just as well been sub-titled: “How do you un-declare an emergency?” A Beautiful Flying Day with a Beautiful Friend Our story this time takes place in the s …

March 16, 2016| 1

Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Aircraft Icing?

Dr. Mary Ann O’Grady How much do you know about aircraft icing and the conditions that cause it?  Take this quiz, and see how well you do. Aircraft Icing Quiz Questions  _____ ice is lighter than _____ ice, has an irregular shape and a surface roughness that reduces aerodynamic efficiency. The three negative outcomes of aircraft icing on the airplane a …

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