July 14, 2017| 1

Finding the Humor in Flying With the Airlines

Flying with the airlines isn’t generally funny business, but that’s not stopping Kulula from trying to put a smile on your face. Humor isn’t always the first thing you think of when it comes to flying with the airlines, especially if you’re currently studying for your commercial at Upper Limit Aviation . It takes a lot of hard …

June 20, 2016| 1

Exploring a Commercial Airline Pilot’s Quality of Life

Starting off as a commercial airline pilot is no easy task. Jennifer Roth To anyone on the outside of aviation , the life of an airline pilot sounds exciting and luxurious. However, that is just not the case, especially in the early years of a pilot’s career . Typically when a pilot begins their career in the airline world , they are probably carrying a …

May 14, 2016| 952

Adjusting to the High Intensity Schedule of Airline Careers

Airline careers necessitate long hours of crushing boredom punctuated by short periods of intensity. The unique demands placed on airline pilots, crewmembers and mechanics can be met with lifestyle and attitude adjustments. Noah Timmins Aviation distinguishes itself from other industries as one that eschews the traditional “nine to five”, …

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