June 21, 2016| 1

How Private Pilots Can Fly Like Airline Pilots

Fly like the big dogs: here are some little things private pilots can do to fly like airline pilots . Vern Weiss Private pilots who fly small aircraft are at a disadvantage when compared to airline pilots engaged in commercial airline flying . When you’re a “solo act,” you do not have the benefit of a large support staff taking care of peripheral …

May 3, 2016| 1

When Is an Airplane Pilot a Passenger?

Tori B. Mensching Regulations can be tricky and sometimes downright confusing. Test your knowledge to see if you would make the same decisions this airplane pilot made in the example below. Would you make the same mistake? The Scenario Mark is an instrument rated private pilot who hasn’t flown at night in a while. He wants to fly his wife and two kids …

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