April 22, 2016| 823

Guidelines for Buying an Airplane

Dr. Mary Ann O’Grady So what comes first: the pilot’s license or buying an airplane ? At first glance, this question seems to elicit a fairly straightforward response that an individual would not be buying an airplane if he or she was not planning on flying it personally . However, business entities, organizations, associations, and even individ …

April 11, 2016| 1

5 General Aviation Aircraft Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

Anders Clark There are a vast amount of different types and models of general aviation aircraft from a variety of manufacturers. And there are a lot of interesting facts and information about these different aircraft.  Here are five lesser known facts from the world of general aviation aircraft that you will hopefully find as interesting as I did. Th …

January 14, 2016| 1

Mixing Airplanes and Helicopters: Safe VFR Airport Operations in Class G

Wilson Gilliam, Jr. A small, white helicopter floats across the sky, practicing different types of approaches to the Class G airport in Virginia. The student pilot pulls the red trigger switch on the cyclic, still timid with inexperience. “ November 2045 Romeo turning right base, 28, Hampton Roads Airport. ” The pilot of an incoming twin engine airplane …

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