April 11, 2016| 1

5 General Aviation Aircraft Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

Anders Clark There are a vast amount of different types and models of general aviation aircraft from a variety of manufacturers. And there are a lot of interesting facts and information about these different aircraft.  Here are five lesser known facts from the world of general aviation aircraft that you will hopefully find as interesting as I did. Th …

February 11, 2016| 995

Aviation and Your Flight Training: Choose the Best for a Lasting Impression

Wilson Gilliam, Jr. A paper on economic aerospace forecasting could be as thick as your computer screen is tall. Even the FAA Aerospace Forecast Fiscal Years 2015 – 2035 is nearly 140 pages long. I’m glad this post is long on brevity and to the point about how you can fit into the increasingly influential world of aviation and aerospace. The word “av …

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