Bell 206 Helicopter

The Bell 206 is a two bladed, single engine helicopter by Bell Helicopters. Some 206’s come Equipped with 2 Engines also known as TwinRangers. The Basic Shape and design of the bell Has remained virtually unchanged since 1967. Some variants included a modified tail rotor and more powerful engine. The Bell 206 is most commonly powered by an Allison 250-C18 turboshaft engine making 650 hp.

Whether for corporate transportation, emergency medical services, offshore oil and gas rig support, law enforcement or firefighting, the 206 has what it takes to accomplish the mission. The 206 high-inertia two-bladed rotor system and patented suspension system delivers an incredibly smooth ride. The 206 can hold up to seven passengers very comfortably, and the club-passenger seating allows for face-to-face conversations.

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