May 13, 2016| 715

Upper Limit Aviation Open House Featured on KUTV

Anders Clark Upper Limit Aviation’s recent open house was featured on KUTV News , as one of their featured STEM stories. 1 Upper Limit staff headed into the 2News studio to show off some aviation related tools and discuss what would be covered at the aviation open house . ULA started by showing sectional charts, flight plans, and an iPad, and disc …

April 4, 2016| 833

Protecting Your Health Is Key To a Career In Aviation

Wilson Gilliam Jr. I stood in front of a Marine Corps recruiting office in 1988. I wanted to take the aviator’s aptitude test and join the Marines as a helicopter pilot . But, after a few minutes with the Sergeant, I realized that wouldn’t happen. Between thirteen years old and eighteen, my visual acuity had decreased to 20/400. Even though it was sti …

January 14, 2016| 1

Careers in Aviation: Opportunities Outside of the Airlines

Bryce Bailey Professional pilot . What was the first image you just thought of? If it was an airline pilot , you’re probably like most everyone else in the country. There are many opportunities to earn a living in a variety of careers in aviation outside of the traditional airline track, however! Below are a few options to get you started. Agricultural …

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