February 16, 2016| 872

The Cessna Training Program: Flight Training the Cessna Way

Shawn Arena So you have decided to not only begin flight training , but have focused on using Cessna aircraft and their associated Training Program. First a caveat – regardless of the type of aircraft and program selected, the main goal is training you safely, efficiently, (and as in this case) the use of a specific aircraft manufacturer’s best …

February 8, 2016| 1

Cessna Flight Training: Why Flight Schools Love Cessnas

Jennifer Roth It may seem odd and almost archaic these days that most initial flight training is done in a small aircraft like a single engine Cessna. Many times, students show up to tour a flight campus and they are often surprised at how small and “simple” the airplanes look. This, however, is an opinion that usually changes once they begin their …

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