April 8, 2016| 1

The Reasons Behind Male and Female Pilot Error

Despite the different reasons for male and female pilot error , cockpit resource management can make single-pilot flying almost as safe as in a two-pilot environment. Vern Weiss In the 1970s there was a rash of airline accidents. This was particularly startling because the accidents did not involve inexperienced flight crews but, instead, professional …

March 25, 2016| 4

How Crew Resource Management Makes Flying Safer

Vern Weiss On December 29, 1972, an Eastern Airlines Lockheed L-1011 with 176 people aboard crashed in Florida’s Everglades only 3 minutes from touching down at Miami International Airport . Three flight crew members, the Captain, First Officer and Flight Engineer became focused on a landing gear indicator light bulb that was not illuminated. A …

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