May 25, 2016| 1

Exploring Avgas Alternatives For General Aviation

Amber Berlin For Part 1 of this discussion, click here . The health hazards, loss of IQ points, and associated costs of lead (Pb) fuel emissions leaves only one option for the General Aviation (GA) fleet: stop using leaded fuel. In order to accomplish this task, GA has several options to consider, including Avgas alternatives such as renewable biofuel …

May 24, 2016| 1

Why General Aviation Needs To Stop Using Leaded Avgas

Amber Berlin The Clean Air Act , last amended in 1990, established a higher standard of environmental responsibility in the United States. In order to meet this standard, several initiatives were undertaken to reduce air emissions deemed harmful to human health. One such initiative was a close examination of the hazards presented by lead (Pb) fuel em …

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