May 28, 2016| 2

The Most Effective Diet For Pilots

Amber Berlin Every year at Thanksgiving we gather around the table and consume massive amounts of turkey. Then we spend the afternoon napping on the couch in a turkey coma. We know from experience that turkey is a food that promotes a state of sleepiness, and we also know that you wouldn’t want to eat that same turkey dinner and embark on a flight r …

May 24, 2016| 1

Why General Aviation Needs To Stop Using Leaded Avgas

Amber Berlin The Clean Air Act , last amended in 1990, established a higher standard of environmental responsibility in the United States. In order to meet this standard, several initiatives were undertaken to reduce air emissions deemed harmful to human health. One such initiative was a close examination of the hazards presented by lead (Pb) fuel em …

April 4, 2016| 760

Protecting Your Health Is Key To a Career In Aviation

Wilson Gilliam Jr. I stood in front of a Marine Corps recruiting office in 1988. I wanted to take the aviator’s aptitude test and join the Marines as a helicopter pilot . But, after a few minutes with the Sergeant, I realized that wouldn’t happen. Between thirteen years old and eighteen, my visual acuity had decreased to 20/400. Even though it was sti …

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