March 24, 2016| 1

Planning Your Helicopter Pilot Career

Dr. Mary Ann O’Grady Whether contemplating a helicopter pilot career or seeking a private rotorcraft pilot’s license , flying helicopters is like nothing most students have ever done or will ever do during their lifetimes. Prospective pilots of both genders are entering the field every single day from their late teens into their 50s and older. …

March 2, 2016| 13

Why You Should Get Your Commercial Helicopter License

John Peltier Looking for an exciting aviation career? Forget airplanes and fly something that doesn’t need a runway! A career as a helicopter pilot will afford you the ability to travel all over the world and get paid to do things that seem like they only come out of the movies. But the first step – you need to get your commercial helicopter license. …

January 28, 2016| 7

Helicopter Pilot Careers: What Jobs Are Out There?

John Peltier Wondering what’s available in helicopter pilot careers? Don’t worry, there’s no shortage these days. With the current cadre of Vietnam War-era pilots retired or retiring and an absence of younger military pilots filling their place, there are plenty of helicopter pilot careers available. Being a helicopter pilot isn’t just all about flyi …

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