March 7, 2016| 30

The Requirements for Getting Your Private Helicopter License

John Peltier Don’t helicopters look fun to fly? Well, they are! You can take them anywhere and do anything with them. Okay, that may be a stretch and there are some limitations. But when compared with airplanes, helicopters can do anything. If you’re interested in learning how to fly helicopters , take an introductory flight . Get some time on the cont …

February 1, 2016| 35

Everything You Need to Know to Get Your Helicopter License

John Peltier You don’t often hear much about recreational helicopter flying – nowhere near the level of recreational fixed-wing flying. It’s generally considered a hobby for the wealthy, and employment for the rest of us . Costs for licensing, insurance, acquisition, and maintenance make it prohibitively expensive for pilots who may easily have the f …

December 1, 2015| 2

How to Become a Helicopter Pilot

Learning to Fly Isn’t as Hard as You Think Wondering how to become a helicopter pilot ? The first steps to getting into a cockpit are clearly defined, and most people qualify to start training immediately . Here are the details you need to know. You’re watching the quintessential over-the-top car chase scene and the star is making a getaway so fa …

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