March 28, 2016| 3

Why IFR Flight Training Should Come After Your License

Dr. Mary Ann O’Grady Any pilot who has been flying for a while has experienced flights delays due to weather conditions, and without having an instrument rating , those delays can stretch into hours or even into days. These delays can cause many pilots to make go no-go decisions that are not so good. So the benefit of a pilot having an instrume …

January 9, 2016| 5

What to Expect When Earning Your Airplane Instrument Rating

John Peltier Congratulations, you just got your private pilot airplane license . You want to use this newfound freedom to fly to the family cabin in the next state, but there won’t be any VFR weather between here and there for the next week. Grounded. But what if you had your airplane instrument rating? Reasons for Getting Your Airplane Instrument Rat …

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