May 19, 2016| 5 1

Can You Fly For Compensation With a Private Pilot Certificate?

A Private Pilot Certificate doesn’t necessarily preclude earning money in aviation. Vern Weiss “ No person who holds a private pilot certificate may act as pilot in command of an aircraft that is carrying passengers or property for compensation or hire, nor may that person, for compensation or hire, act as pilot in command of an aircraft. ” That&# …

March 22, 2016| 1

Competency vs Proficiency: A Look at Flying Aircraft Safely

When Flying Aircraft, Exceeding Flight Minimums = Maximum Safety in the Skies! Margie O’Connor Competency versus Proficiency. Flying aircraft  competently means you have met the standards. Flying aircraft  proficiently means you’ve taken that extra step to gain a certain comfort level in the cockpit – you’ve refined and built your competenc …

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