February 8, 2015| 2 0

Spatial Disorientation: How and When Does it Affect Pilots

Do you remember the  fatal airplane wreck of  John F Kennedy Jr. ? In July of 1999, John F. Kennedy Jr, and two other passengers on board crashed into the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Massachusetts. The official NTSB report concluded that Kennedy experienced spatial disorientation while descending at night over water. He lost control of the aircraf …

February 6, 2015| 9 2

Five Unique Ways of Paying for Flight Training

Secrets from Successful Pilots Let’s face it, paying for  flight training is very expensive. Airplane flight school is going to cost $35K to $70K for fixed wing training, and $90K to $150K for helicopter training. Unless you have a trust fund from your rich dad, the costs to become commercial pilots can seem to be an impassable mountain . But is it? L …

September 7, 2013| 1 0

Top Three Myths About Becoming a Commercial Pilot

Have you always dreamed of becoming a commercial pilot, either flying  Helicopters or Fixed Wing   Aircraft ? Is it your dream to become a commercial pilot and fly for a living ? Before you invest time and money into becoming a pilot, there are a few things you need to know. You’ve probably heard that there is a high demand for pilots , and this is …

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