August 6, 2015| 2 0

SFAR 73: What is it and Why is it Important for Student Pilots?

Due to a series of “student pilot” accidents involving Robinson aircraft the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), on March 27, 1995, established a specific training requirement for the R22 and R44 helicopters. These requirements applied to students under instruction , pilots acting as pilot in command (PIC), and flight instructors. Bel …

August 12, 2013| 772 0

The Robinson R-22 Helicopter

The Robinson R-22 is a small two-bladed, single-engine helicopter made by Robinson, and piloted with a floor mounted stick between the pilot’s knees. The first R22 was designed in 1973 by Frank Robinson, and was first put into production in 1979. As of 2015, more than 4,600 R-22’s have been manufactured, making it one of the more popula …

June 24, 2012| 2 0

Cabri G2 Helicopter: Does it Compete with the Robinson R22?

The new Cabri G2 is a three blade rotor system that has an innovative design that some industry specialists say has the potential to compete with the Robinson R22 in the flight training aircraft market. The Cabri helicopter was made possible due to the genius of Bruno Guimbal, who was one of the key design engineers at Eurocopter. Bruno wanted to de …

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