March 31, 2016| 1

Flight Safety: Breaking the Chain of Events

Shawn Arena Throughout my years in aviation, I’ve encountered a variety of situations in which by making the right decision , I avoided potential and real danger. And in the name of flight safety, I’d like to share another one of those stores here. This is a story that involves a chain of events that literally caused the hair on my arms t …

February 23, 2016| 1

Know the Signs and Symptoms of Hypoxia and Avoid Becoming a Victim

Margie O’Connor Whether just learning to fly or a seasoned aviator, hypoxia does NOT discriminate. It doesn’t care if you have 15 hours of flight time and you’re still aspiring to get your Private Pilot’s License or if you’re a seasoned aviator with 12,000+ hours flying for a major airline .  Hypoxia lurks just around the corner, threatening to …

January 14, 2016| 1

Mixing Airplanes and Helicopters: Safe VFR Airport Operations in Class G

Wilson Gilliam, Jr. A small, white helicopter floats across the sky, practicing different types of approaches to the Class G airport in Virginia. The student pilot pulls the red trigger switch on the cyclic, still timid with inexperience. “ November 2045 Romeo turning right base, 28, Hampton Roads Airport. ” The pilot of an incoming twin engine airplane …

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