February 22, 2016| 1

Sport Pilot Training: Everything You Need to Know

John Peltier Want to fly around for simple travel and sightseeing but don’t have the resources to obtain a private pilot’s license ? Or perhaps you can’t get the medical certificate for your private pilot but can still safely operate an aircraft. Go through sport pilot training instead! What Can You Do as a Sport Pilot The sport pilot rating can be ver …

October 12, 2015| 25 4

Different Pilot Licenses Explained: Sport, Recreational and Private Pilot

In the fixed wing airplane world, pilots often refer to their pilot’s license as a “ certificate ”. Essentially, both terms mean the same thing and are interchangeable (although, technically, they are slightly different). For the purposes of this article, we intend “ certificate ” and “ license ” to represent the same “pilot status”. According to AOPA , t …

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