January 24, 2017| 719

UAS Taking Off With Sheriff Departments Around the Country

Law enforcement officials are using UAS for a variety of purposes, from search and rescue to crime scene documentation. With the FAA putting new rules and requirements for sUAS ( S mall U nmanned A ircraft S ystems) operators into place on August 29, 2016, use of UAS is set for massive growth in a number of organizations and industries. And one of the mo …

May 26, 2016| 729

Do Drones Pose a Threat to Pilots and Aircraft?

Dr. Mary Ann O’Grady The allowance of widespread drone ownership and operation in the United States through the clearance of approximately 60 organizations by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has raised the level of concern for military, commercial , and private pilots alike. As concerns escalated, there were plans to construct six test rang …

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