March 25, 2016| 4

How Crew Resource Management Makes Flying Safer

Vern Weiss On December 29, 1972, an Eastern Airlines Lockheed L-1011 with 176 people aboard crashed in Florida’s Everglades only 3 minutes from touching down at Miami International Airport . Three flight crew members, the Captain, First Officer and Flight Engineer became focused on a landing gear indicator light bulb that was not illuminated. A …

February 26, 2016| 1

ATP Certification: Is It Really “King of the Hill”?

Wilson Gilliam Jr. When a pilot opens his or her certificate wallet, the Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) certificate is usually the one on top. It is a diamond on a black cloth. ATP certification is a significant accomplishment, as the requirements for both the written and practical tests are demanding. I could have used all of that ATP weight shift kn …

January 29, 2016| 1

The Call: The Moment When Your Childhood Dreams Come True

Getting “The Call” After Your Airline Pilot Training Making it through the airline pilot selection process is an accomplishment but successfully  completing your airline pilot training is nothing short of awesome. Vern Weiss You’ve been submitting applications to airlines for over a year and reading doom-and-gloom on pilot blogs, whic …

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