May 21, 2016| 737

Flight To the Past: The George Patton Memorial Museum

Shawn Arena March 1942. Three months following the Pearl Harbor attack which thrust the United States into World War II, (and one month before the daring Doolittle Raid on Tokyo), the War Department ordered the commander of the Army First Corps General George S. Patton to locate, establish, and command a desert training area to prepare troops for de …

January 1, 2016| 3

When Was the First Helicopter Invented?

Anders Clark Flying has long been a dream of humankind . And surprisingly, for as long as we’ve dreamed of wings, and airplane style flight, we’ve also dreamed of rotor-based, or vertical flight. Centuries of study were poured into the subject of flight, but it wasn’t until a little over a century ago that the first helicopter lifte …

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