June 7, 2016| 3

Pilot Salary: What Is The Pay Like In Different Careers?

A pilot’s salary can vary just as they do with any other job. Experience plays a big role as far as what a pilot makes, mainly because the different companies and positions available depend on the experience of a pilot . First, if we look at what the different types of jobs there are for pilots , then we can begin to narrow down the pilot salar …

December 8, 2015| 1

What to Expect for a Starting Commercial Airline Pilot Salary

Jennifer Payne Pilots have been underpaid, leading to overworked and fatigued pilots, which creates a shortage of qualified applicants . Has aviation finally learned that low wages are hurting the industry?  It first needs to be clarified that this is the starting commercial airline pilot salary for all pilots. At the beginning of every pilot’s caree …

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