June 30, 2016| 2

Understanding and Practicing Basic Flight Maneuvers

It’s important to understand the purpose behind teach and learning certain  basic flight maneuvers . Jennifer Roth With technology continually changing in the aviation world, flying airplanes has become more automated. With glass panel navigation to autopilot controls, the pilot can at times seem ALMOST not necessary. However, we all know that is …

March 15, 2016| 590

Flight Training Videos: How Relevant Are They?

Mary Ann O’Grady The term andragogy, which is defined as “the art and science of helping adults learn,” was used as early as 1833 but it was popularized in the United States by Malcolm Knowles in the 1970s (Whitmyer, 1999, p. 1). Originally, andragogy was contrasted with the term pedagogy, which focused on helping children to learn but over ti …

June 11, 2015| 611 0

ULA Students with Flight School Training Support Rescue Missions

Upper Limit Aviation is known for launching student pilots into careers flying commercially – taking students from flight school to flying helicopters and fixed wing aircraft for a living. ULA students get real-world flight school training experience during their time with us. What makes Upper Limit different from other flight schools is their …

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