Cessna 172 Skyhawk Upper Limit Aviation
September 24, 2020| 394

Upper Limit and Mt San Jacinto are Teaming Up For Ground School

If you are thinking about an aviation career , or you want to learn to fly to accomplish a personal dream, now is the perfect time to start! Upper Limit Aviation and Mt San Jacinto College are teaming up to bring you a comprehensive ground school course , so you can earn your Private Airplane Pilot Ground School Certificate. You will learn the ground …

June 11, 2016| 728

When Did You Know You Wanted To Be a Pilot?

My personal aviation lineage and the first time I knew I wanted to be a pilot trace back to my grandfather. Shawn Arena Those of us who have been fortunate to have received the gift of flight or just the enjoyment of aviation can usually trace back to where that flame to be a pilot was first kindled. Perhaps it was a friend who owned an aircraft and …

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