November 14, 2020| 385

Upper Limit is Helping You Earn Your Remote Pilot Certificate

Upper Limit Aviation is hosting a two day training course to help you get your remote pilot certificate! The training course will be ran by one of Upper Limit’s professional and experienced flight instructors, and will cover such topics as: FAA regulations Aeromedical factors Aeronautical decision making Airport operations Aviation weather Aviation …

January 24, 2017| 774

UAS Taking Off With Sheriff Departments Around the Country

Law enforcement officials are using UAS for a variety of purposes, from search and rescue to crime scene documentation. With the FAA putting new rules and requirements for sUAS ( S mall U nmanned A ircraft S ystems) operators into place on August 29, 2016, use of UAS is set for massive growth in a number of organizations and industries. And one of the mo …

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