Sky West CRJ200
September 12, 2018| 3

Upper Limit and SkyWest are Hosting an Aviation Career Lunch

Come Join Us and Learn From Recruiters What It Takes to Become a SkyWest Pilot! Upper Limit Aviation and SkyWest are giving you an opportunity to take control of your aviation career , by meeting with the SkyWest Pilot and Cadet Advocates  at a delicious career dinner and open house generously provided by Upper Limit Aviation and hosted by Robintino&# …

July 14, 2017| 1

Finding the Humor in Flying With the Airlines

Flying with the airlines isn’t generally funny business, but that’s not stopping Kulula from trying to put a smile on your face. Humor isn’t always the first thing you think of when it comes to flying with the airlines, especially if you’re currently studying for your commercial at Upper Limit Aviation . It takes a lot of hard …

March 17, 2017| 1

FAPA Pilot Job Fairs and Future Pilot Forums on the Horizon

FAPA members enjoy both registration fee discounts and FAPA Premier members may receive priority at FAPA Pilot Job Fairs. Upper Limit Aviation is proud to promote FAPA (Future and Active Pilot Advisers) and their three upcoming Pilot Job Fairs, and three Future Pilot Forums, scheduled to coincide with each other. According to the company, the FAPA P …

February 14, 2017| 951

Regional Airline Association’s 2017 Scholarships Now Available

The submission deadline for 2017 RAA Scholarships is May 1, 2017. If you’re studying for a career in aviation  with Upper Limit Aviation and eyeing the Captain’s chair , you may be interested to know that the RAA’s (Regional Airline Association) 2017 scholarship window is open, and the RAA says that they will be awarding four $4,000 …

February 17, 2016| 3

IOE, AQP, FOQA, CRM, etc: The ABCs of Airline Training Programs

Airlines are integrating new curricula and shifting the focus of airline training programs more towards enhanced safety. Vern Weiss Some day I should experience a different career just to see if other fields are as crazy with initialisms, acronyms and abbreviations as aviation. I’ll bet not. For the benefit of the purist, an initialism is not t …

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